El Brillante


Located just OPPOSITE STATION Madrid Atocha is the Bar El Brillante, which for many does – just as they themselves are responsible for announcing-the BEST SANDWICH SQUID around Madrid, and from this blog we witness the sandwich in question is very good and very worthwhile, although if someone wants to come out there we also recommend the sandwiches and veal sausage with peppers.

The sandwich menu is extensive and is supplemented by options such as country ham dish, dish grilled prawns, meatballs, salads and other dishes of Spanish cuisine.

The place is very large and spacious, although strangely has few tables inside, but it compensates with huge bars behind which serve an army of attentive waiters, bartenders really, those before (some have painted in bringing many years there) to serve you quickly and good treatment. We also feature an outdoor terrace.

Source: Youtube.com Ruedi Kehl